Resource Protocol for assets in ServiceDesk Plus

Dedicated protocol prepared for predefined assets.

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Circulation Card for the HR, or maybe a hand-over report regarding assets for a new employee, delivered to Accounting Department? IT departments often come across this type of bureaucracy.

How to prepare the documentation and handle those processes accordingly to the guidelines of the mentioned departments?

How often did you want to prepare and print such a document, sign it and finish the process as soon as possible? Word or Excel are not effective solutions, and what is worse, they involve highly qualified employees in unnecessary bureaucracy.

What if we could create such a document in a tool that we already know?

Resource Protocol – Our customization allows you to prepare the mentioned document based on the data available in ServiceDesk Plus. A document that we can quickly print and give to the user for signature or provide utilization documentation to the accounting department or to people managing IT resources.

Do you have a problem with hand-over reports? Now you can easily create a document that will help you in this process – being least pleasant, but important for your organization.


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