Smart Self Service for ServiceDesk Plus

Smart SelfService as an alternative for the classic self-service portal approach

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The classic approach to the service portal assumes a large amount of information to be provided by users. The resulting complexity of registering requests through the portal is a discouraging for end users. Ultimately, the employee prefers to come to the support department personally to seek help.

Registering tickets according to complex and complicated templates can be problematic for end users.

In the environment of dynamic organizations, the most important thing is the speed of reaching the final content for the user. When designing the solution, we were guided by the vision that the end user should receive a common self-service portal for all types of requests, and that the request procedure itself would be limited to a maximum of 5 clicks.

The result is a lightweight portal that allows you to consolidate access to many instances of ServiceDesk Plus in organizations operating as a Shared Services Center.

Smart SelfService introduces a new lightweight portal, where the most important is a simple and intuitive interface for requesters.

At each step, the application suggests possible notification templates for the requester.

After selecting the appropriate template, the requester receives a completed and ready-to-send request.

Because the application allows linking of all available interface tiles, it is perfect for managing many helpdesk instances. We have the option of implementing a lightweight portal to handle requests, directed to various support groups and even different ServiceDesk Plus instances. Depending on the last step, the registered request can be sent automatically to the IT, Administration, Purchasing or Logistics Department. In case of a division into local and global departments, the notification will go to the appropriate system. Therefore, we can improve work in the Shared Services Center and in the organizations depending on global companies.

Requesters that will use shared, local, or global services only need one system that will know where the request should be sent.

Thanks to the functionality of ServiceDesk Plus, the request can be automatically resolved with an answer to the requester.  

Pricing and license model

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