Quick Survey

This plugin improves and upgrades the possibilities of presenting surveys in ServiceDesk Plus.

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Many times, have we been asked by our customers how to encourage end users to complete surveys and questionnaires, or how else can we collect opinions about the work of our service supporters.

In response, we have introduced our new Quick Survey product, thanks to which you can enrich the look of the notifications and surveys from the end-user perspective. In example - when closing a ticket - it adds graphic elements in the message directed to our users. The plugin also allows expressing the user’s satisfaction in graphical form, such as happy, or sad emoticons, thumbs up or down, or any graphics requested by the client. As a result, the requester provides a quick and precise answers, without completing lengthy satisfaction surveys.

  • Quick Survey Features


    Fast and intuitive transfer of opinions about templates or assessment of service technicians, even at the close of a request.


    Full flexibility in the use of graphics -those could be emoticons, thumbs up / down, custom graphics - all in line with your company’s standards – it’s a choice that only depends on you.

    Software development

    MWT SOLUTIONS as the developer of the plugin, ensures the improvement of the plugin: quality improvement, updates and further development, including the addition of new functionalities in latest versions.

    Vendor’s / Developer’s support

    We provide full technical support after the implementation of the product. Support for this addon is included in the standard support provided for the ServiceDesk Plus base instance.

    If you are interested in the presentation or purchase of our plugin, please contact us using the form available on the website or write to the e-mail from the pricing tab.

Licensing the app

Please contact sprzedaz@mwtsolutions.eu  for detailed pricing.