JIRA for ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus JIRA Connector

With this connector you can easily update information, status, notes, and attachments from one system to another – both ways!

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Register and forward issues from ServiceDesk Plus to JIRA with using ServiceDesk Plus Jira Connector. Thanks to the connector You can easily update information, status, notes, and attachments from one system to another – both ways!

This integration is based on ServiceDesk Plus API, WebHook JIRA, and mid-server and is ready after installing with quick wizard. 

  • Raising a ticket in JIRA based on ServiceDesk Plus ticket

    It allows you to create issue in JIRA in any project as any type of issue. This can be obtain in couple ways. You can either use custom menu buttons and raise ticket manually, or You can go full automation using custom triggers. In both ways, ServiceDesk Plus will rise ticket in Jira and connector will start to exchange any information needed. 

  • Send JIRA ticket details to ServiceDesk Plus

    Connector can work both ways, it can register JIRA ticket from the process initiated in ServiceDesk Plus, and it can register ticket in ServiceDesk Plus from the process initiated in JIRA. Using connector, firs line support can be supported by developers on third line, and developers can register ticket for the first line in ServiceDesk Plus. Both teams will exchange information and will work together regardless of the system each line is using. 

  • Exchange notes and attachments in both systems

    This feature is responsible for exchanging any information between both systems. Connector can exchange such information as attachment and notes between, changes on tickets in JIRA or ServiceDesk Plus.


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Pricing and license model

The integration cost is estimated based on individual customer requirements. Integration can be implemented remotely.