AskNicely Connector for SupportCenter Plus and ServiceDesk Plus.

Get real-time customer feedback based on the Net Promoter Score.

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Align your whole business with the voice of the customer. This integration presents customer feedback in real time dashboards, weekly emails and live comment feeds. Route specific responses to the right person so they can take immediate action to resolve any issues. Now you know what your customers are really thinking.

• Turn detractors into promoters. 
• Prevent customer churn. 
• Build a reputation around service.

  • Email an NPS question

     Select the required customer mail ids and email NPS questions without notice to the requester.

  • Leaderboards

    Rank your best channels, products, and technicans to see which business areas are performing well and which need attention.

  • Take Immediate Action

    Respond to customers directly inside ServiceDesk Plus or SupportCenter Plus.



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  • Integrates with

    ServiceDesk Plus