Self-service portal customization for ServiceDesk Plus

SmartSelfService as a solution for the simpler approach to self-service portal.

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SmartSelfService as a solution for the simpler approach to self-service portal.

The classic approach to the service portal involves a large amount of information to be provided by users. The resulting complexity of registering applications through the portal is a disincentive for end users. Ultimately, the employee prefers to come personally to the support department to seek help.

  • Smart self service as a simpler approach

    SmartSelfService introduces a new lightweight portal, where the most important is a simple and intuitive interface for requesters.

    Requesters often have a problem with complex and complicated templates.

    In the dynamic environment of the organization, the speed of reaching the ultimate content for the user has become paramount. By designing the solution, we were guided by the vision that the user would receive a common portal for multiple types of requests, and that the submission process itself will be limited to a maximum of 5 clicks.

    The result is a lightweight portal that allows you to consolidate access to multiple ServiceDesk Plus instances in a shared service center organization.

  • 5 steps to ticket registration

    The application keeps registration in up to five clicks for registering request

    The number of steps required to register a ticket may depend on the needs of the organization and on the process.

    Depending on corporate standards, the application can be graphically tailored to the organization's branding.

    Application support is intuitive and convenient, thanks to the tiled interface it can be operated by mobile devices and kiosks.

  • Different resolutions based on the process

    The application at each step prompts for possible template or resolution for the applicant

    Once you have selected the template, you will receive a completed and ready to send request or proposition of resolution to your case

    Because the application allows you to freely connect the specified URL, it is perfect for handling multiple instances of helpdesk. We have the ability to deploy a lightweight portal to handle requests directed to different support units and even different ServiceDesk Plus instances. The registered application, depending on the last step, can automatically go to IT, administration, purchasing or logistics. In case of division into local and global departments, the application will go to the appropriate system. We therefore have the opportunity to streamline our work in the shared service center and in the work of organizations dependent on global companies.

    Applicants for joint, local or global services need only one system that will see where the application should be directed to.

    With the ServiceDesk Plus functionality, the ticket can be automatically resolved with the technicians response

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