ME Plugins - Add-ons bundle for ServiceDesk Plus

ME Plugins enhances the usability of support staffs.

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With ME Plugins, you get a bundle of add-ons that help you improve your help desk's efficiency. These added features allow you to manage attachments efficiently, print and delete requests in one shot, customize notifications, connect with clients easily through remote sessions, and more.

  • Attachment Plus.

    • Download attachments as a ZIP file or preview attachments within ServiceDesk Plus.
    • View all attachments, including conversations, in a single view.
    • Download and send attachments via email from within ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Close linked requests.

    Update and close linked requests automatically once their parent request is closed.

  • Import service requests through XLS.

    Add multiple requests to ServiceDesk Plus at once using an XLS file.

  • Zoho Assist integration.

    • Use remote support sessions to connect with customers in remote locations without any hassle.
    • Manage remote computers effortlessly with remote access that is reliable and secure.
  • Multi notifications.

    • Trigger multiple notifications by customizing them with rules based on different criteria.
    • Send HTML emails from ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Skype for Business integration.

    • Make calls and send messages to users from the ServiceDesk Plus requests view page.
    • Create requests directly from conversations.
  • AskNicely integration.

    Send customer feedback surveys when requests are closed and view your NPS directly from your help desk.

  • Zoho CRM integration.

    View contact details, notes, potentials, and events from Zoho CRM within the request details page in ServiceDesk Plus.

  • Clean up attachments.

    Automatically remove unused attachments to save space on your hard drive.

  • Multiple requests.

    Print multiple requests from the requests list view in one go.

  • Delete requesters.

    Delete requesters easily, including local users and those imported from Active Directory, using an XLS file.

  • FAQ Plus for ServiceDesk Plus.

    Respond to users' queries easily by looking up FAQs, or allow users to find answers to their own questions using the FAQ Plus integration with ServiceDesk Plus.


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