ME Plugins - Add-ons bundle for ServiceDesk Plus

ME Plugins enhances the usability of support staffs.

The available add-ons are:

  • Attachment plus
  • Close linked requests
  • Import service requests through XLS
  • Zoho Assist integration
  • Multi notifications
  • SKYPE for business integration
  • AskNicely integration
  • ZOHO CRM integration
  • Clean up attachments
  • Multiple requests
  • Delete requesters

V-Support for SupportCenter Plus

V-Support for SupportCenter Plus

Create and manage SupportCenter Plus requests directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Asset Management Mobile app for ServiceDesk Plus


A mobility platform for managing assets on the field.

OpManager for ServiceDesk Plus

A network fault management system to automate creation and assigning of trouble tickets.

V-Technician for ServiceDesk Plus

V Link

Create and manage ServiceDesk Plus requests directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Zoho Reports for ServiceDesk Plus

Advanced service analytics at your finger tips.

AssetExplorer for Desktop Central

Monitor and manage assets in the network.

ServiceDesk Plus JIRA Connector

 JIRA for ServiceDesk Plus

With this connector you can easily update information, status, notes, and attachments from one system to another – both ways!

Desktop Central for ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Go beyond tickets. Manage desktops.

skype for business

Collaborate with IT peers and resolve tickets.

Resource Protocol for assets in ServiceDesk Plus

Dedicated protocol prepared for predefined assets.

SupportCenter Plus for ServiceDesk Plus

Create requests from ServiceDesk Plus to SupportCenter Plus and track them.

Smart Self Service for ServiceDesk Plus


Smart SelfService as an alternative for the classic self-service portal approach

Additional notifications for status change in ServiceDesk Plus

MWT Solutions

Restore functions unavailable for static web pages in the ServiceDesk Plus self-service portal.

Shifting SLA for service requests in ServiceDesk Plus

Automate change of ServiceDesk Plus ticket SLA when given conditions are fulfilled.

Dynamic approvals for the first stage in ServiceDesk Plus.

Automate selection of approvers and creation of rules in ServiceDesk Plus.

Service description in request templates

Get the description of a service in the request template

Automatic Ticket Resolution

Implement this app for automatic ticket resolution

Analytics Plus

Unify insights by analyzing data from different sources.

AD management plug-in for ServiceDesk Plus

Manage Active Directory users from your help desk tool.

Graphic Questionnaire

MWT Solutions

A quick way to shorten the time to fill questionnaires and increase the number of responses!

SAP for ServiceDesk Plus Connector


Error reporting from SAP made easy